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Invasive Weed/Plant Control and Removal...

Firstly there is a lot of mis-leading information out there. What we do at Pondtec Ltd is help educate people with the right information and a manageable solution with your issue.

What some companies don't tell you is that there are various steps to take and things to do, there is no magic wand or one simple step to take. Its not true and many people spend money in the wrong areas and are not educated in what is the root problem. The simple thing is everything needs a food source no matter what it is. This is what you have to reduce or remove. We have over 40 years knowledge and experience coupled with the equipment (large or small) along with the manpower to deal with the issue fully.

We can offer various packages and options to resolve the issue.

- Invasive plant removal.
- Pond Weed Removal.
- Water Skimming waste Removal.
- Dredging.
- Aquatic Weed Control.
- Plant management.
- Water Course Issues.
- Silt Removal.
- Long Reach Excavators.
- Truxor Rake Boats.
- Sludge Removal.
- Weed Removal.
- Water Lillie Control.
- Pond and Lake Management.
- Pond & Lake Maintenance.
- Filtration Management.
- Reducing Plant Food sources.
- Conver Mowing Boats.
- Weed Harvesting.
- Argo-Cat.
- Amphibious Machines.
- Land Based Mowers.
- Aquatic Solutions.

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We remove pond weed from small ponds to large lakes and waterways. We have the equipment and manpower to resovle any issues you may have.

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