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Services we offer !

Pond Services cumbria are specialists in all types of water gardening, from design/construction/maintanance and fish health, along with all the expert advice you would need, from site visits through to a vast selection of accessories.

We have lots of pond packages and cost affected products for sale, and one of the main things available is the correct help and advice.

All types and sizes of pond, from small garden ponds to lakes and beyond.

With over 40 Years of knowledge and experience with all types of Ponds / Waterfalls and Coldwater Fish, you know you are in safe hands.

We have worked for some of the rich and famous along the way.

Some services we provide and more (just call to find out more):

- Pond Design.
- Pond Construction.
- Pond Filtration.
- Fish Health Checks.
- Pond Health Check.
- Pond Maintenance.
- Repairs.
- Pond Maintenance Contracts
- Waterfalls.
- Fountains.
- Water Features (indoor & Outdoor).
- Ultra Violet Filter.
- Wetlands Areas.
- Wildlife Areas
- Filtration Systems Health Check.
- Quarantine Tanks.
- Hospital Tanks.
- Fish Movement Tanks.
- Portable/Temporary Pond Hire.
- Portable/Temporary Filtration Systems Hire.

Koi Pond


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Services Available

We are water gardeners and offer a wide range of products and services, please click the link below to see what we can offer you.

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