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Pond Services Cumbria can take the hardship out of building your own pond, we have the expert knowledge and equipment to construct/build all types of ponds, from small garden to large wetlands and lakes along with spectacular waterfalls.

Many people think that building a pond is easy....all you have to do is dig a hole , put a liner in it, and throw some fish in it.
Follow the above and the problems will be just around the corner !

Once the pond has water in it, you want the fish and you cannot wait until it has them swimming around, well i am sorry to say, if you rush the proccess then this is when you will have problem after problem, and then you decide was it worth it, do you fill it in.........NO....take time at first to think what you want to have in your garden etc.

Our team of experts have over 39 years of experience in the coldwater fish industry, and can advise you in every stage of a build.
Some people want to build the pond themselves, and so only want the design factor from us and advice, which we are happy to do, what we want at the end of the day is a pond you can be proud of and lives upto your expectations.

There are many people built ponds and then get us in to sort out the problems afterwards as it is not level or it is leaking... so all we can say is spend a little at the begining and get it right from the start.



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