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Terms and Conditions ...

Pond Services cumbria reserve the right to change/amend any of the below terms and conditions without giving prior notice. If further clarification is required for any of the below, please contact us ASAP.

1. Terms & Conditions agreement:
Any customer/client that does not agree fully to our terms & conditions below, must make us aware within 7 days before the due date work is to start, if you do not make us aware of any disagreement then it is deemed you fully accept all terms and conditions laid out here for the term of the work to be carried out by Pond Services cumbria.

2. On signing the quotation:
This confirms that you are willing to accept and abide by all Pond Services cumbria Terms & conditions, either verbal or otherwise and have entered into a contract between Pond Services cumbria and the customer.

3. Delivery Policy
Pond Services cumbria will deliver and carry out all works as per the description of works document, any additional work that is not within the quotation will be deemed as extra/s and will be payable at the end of the work, providing you have supplied us with all the necessary information clearly that you want done.

4. Our Service:
Any product installed/fitted by Pond Services cumbria does carry the manufacturer’s warranty for the term stated by the manufacturer, failure to pay in full does and will affect any and all warranties and until full payment is received there will be no warranties given or implied.

5. Payment/s for any and all services/products:
Any and all payments MUST be made via BANK TRANSFER (BACS) (unless otherwise prior agreed).
Pond Services cumbria operate a payment schedule for customers/clients to make stage payments as and when required as per the document. The initial payment required is between 40% - 60% of the total amount of the total quotation amount and must be received and cleared funds into Pond Services cumbria bank account before any work/services will start/commence. If for any reason during the works/services being carried out and any payment is not completed on time by the required date by the customer/client to Pond Services cumbria, then this could result in works/services being halted/delayed/stopped until the required payment or payments have been paid and cleared in full, along with a late payment fee being added for each day the amount remains outstanding as per No9. Any goods supplied & fitted must also be paid in full when goods have been fitted/completed.

6. Stage payment schedule:

Pond Services cumbria require the initial payment of between 40% - 60% of the total quotation amount, the higher percentage is payable depending on the total amount of the quotation. This must be paid via bank transfer by the customer/client before the start date as agreed. All information regarding any and all payments of when they are due for payment are set out in the stage payment schedule document emailed to you prior to the due date work is to commence. Failure to adhere to any or all the above could and will result in additional costs incurred and being added. (No9 late payments)

7. Site Visits
All visits are chargeable by Pond Services cumbria, when an appointment is made, then we require the payment to be made during the initial visit, to the Pond Services Cumbria representative and a receipt will be given to the customer/client for the amount charged. This is not classed as maintenance visit/s.
If our quotation is accepted then the site visit payment will be refunded to the customer/client shown in the way of a discount.

8. Cancellation of a Site Visit:

We require at least 48 hours clear notice of the appointment date set, if no notice is given to Pond Services cumbria via email to, will result in the payment required in full no later than seven days after the appointment date, failure to do so will incur further costs payable by the customer/client.

9. Late Payment/s:
Pond Services cumbria reserve the right to add 3% above current base rate for any monies that become due and not paid in full on the agreed date/s this amount will be added to the original outstanding amount per week for every week that the amount stays unpaid, until payment/s have been made and cleared in full.

10. Recovery for outstanding payment/s:
Pond Services cumbria reserve the right to take County Court action against any customer/client for any outstanding amount/s. Any and all costs incurred in the recovery for outstanding amount/s will also become due and MUST be paid in full by the customer/client and No9 will be enforced.

11. Product or Products/Service or Services Supplied:

All Products supplied or supplied and fitted by Pond Services Cumbria will remain the sole property of Pond Services cumbria until paid for in full, failure to make final/full payment/s when monies become due, then Pond Services cumbria reserve the lawful right to enter your property/garden with or without your permission and recover the goods/products fitted and any and all additional costs incurred in the collection/recovery of the goods/products, MUST and WILL have to be met by the customer/client.

12. Movement of fish and/or other:
Pond Services cumbria will always treat fish with the utmost care at all times and will make every effort not to harm or kill them in any way during any type of movement or holding them within a temporary pond during work on site. But on rare occasions due to unforeseen circumstances fish can die. The fish could have experienced previous problem in the past and so Pond Services cumbria cannot be held responsible/liable for any losses whatsoever.

13. Site Request
If Pond Services cumbria visit your site on request regarding a problem that has occurred, & it is found not to be the fault of Pond Services cumbria then this is chargeable to the customer as a standard call-out fee & an hourly rate thereafter.

14. Call Outs
Pond Services cumbria basic call out fee is £30.00 + 1 hour labour charge for the first hour & then increments of 1 hour periods after that. Regarding the charge is down to the discretion of Pond Services cumbria representative on site.

15. Complaint/Dissatisfied:

If for any reason a customer/client/s are unhappy in anyway with goods supplied/fitted or any work/s carried out by Pond Services cumbria, must make Pond Services cumbria fully aware within 5 days via email only of completion date of the works carried out, otherwise it is deemed that you the customer/client/s are fully satisfied that everything has been done/carried out as requested and quotation states. No action can be taken whatsoever against Pond Services cumbria after this 5 day period allowed.

16. Cancellation of start date by the customer/client
The customer/client must give 3 clear working days notice before the agreed start date, if for any reason this is not adhered to, then Pond Services cumbria are within their rights to charge the customer/client a fee of £125.00 + any other costs incured.

17. Cancellation of contractual agreement by the client/customer:
If for any reason the client/customer wishes to cancel the contractual agreement that has already been made between Pond Services cumbria and the customer/client, and through no fault of Pond Services cumbria that the contractual agreement is then cancelled, No monies, payment/s or refunds are due to the customer/client. Any monies or payments that are outstanding to the current contractual agreement will still become due by the client/customer and MUST be paid in FULL along with any costs that Pond Services cumbria incur in any recovery of monies or payments. Failure to do so may result in No's 9, 10 or 11 being sanctioned.

18. Instructions and or step by step guide for equipment:
Pond Services will email the information if asked to do so by the customer. The information will only be issued, once all monies are paid in full and cleared into
Pond Services bank account.



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