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Help, Advice & Water Quality Issues...

Pond Services have over 40 years of experience, and we will have come across most of peoples water gardening problems and fish health at some stage in the past, so getting the right advice is paramount.

Help and advice is just a phone call away:

You would like to add a pond to your garden...not sure how big or what is needed?
- 1. Do you need filtration?
- 2. Do you need waterfalls?
- 3. Do you need a fountain?
- 4. What kind of fish do you want?
- 5. How many fish can you keep?
- 6. How big can i make it?
- 7. How deep has it to be?
- 8. What can i construct it from?
- 9. How many fish can i keep?
- 10. Do i need to have all the equipment, to have healthy fish?
- And many more issues..... to many to list.....

You can look through books, but the trouble is they will contradict one another until you do not know what is right !

Water Quality Issues.
Poor water quality is not good for your fish health !

- You want is a pond where you can enjoy and see your fish, and not just at feeding time.
- To keep a healthy pond and fish, you need to be able to see them.
- Would you like to swim around in green murky water.
- if your water quality is not right, then this can cause problems with your fishes health.

1. We will carry out a site visit to establish where the problem are.
2. Explain exactly what is needed to fix it.
3. We will carry out a pond health check.
4. Carry out an equipment health check.
5. Check your water quality.
6. Advice the best way in which to fix it all.

Many ponds throughout the UK are working inefficiently, due to various things, from equipment fitted to you not looking after the pond correctly. It may only want tweaked or additions added to it so as everything works to its full potential and efficiency, and the fish are happy and you are able to see them ALL the time.



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