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Wildlife Ponds, Wetlands, Lakes & Areas

Pond Services have over the years created all types of wildlife habitats for all water born creatures over the years.
With over 40 years experience, knowledge and most important the understanding of pond wildlife and creatures, we can design and construct you the perfect wildlife pond, lake or wetland area to help all pond creatures thrive and multiply for years to come.

Some people think that by digging a hole and filling it with water, that all types of wildlife will come. Unfortunately that is not the case, if it was that easy, we would not exist as a business.

There are many different aspects to be considered and understanding wildlife and what each species require to survive, you have to understand how to build the correct habitat for all pond-life and this will maximise the reproduction and continued success for many of our pond species.

We can design and construct the perfect pond and habitat for various pondlife, for you to enjoy and watch them thrive. We understand the needs required, and how to make a natural wildlife pond. An initial site visit will help us understand your immediate surroundings and what wildlife will be atracted to your pond, to create a successful pond and surrounding for all wildlife to enjoy with you.

Contact us today and help save our wildlife and habitats.

We have all the skills required to create the perfect Wildlife Pond and Environment.




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