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Welcome to Pond Services (cumbria)...

Pond Services cumbria are based in Carlisle Cumbria and are the UK's LARGEST Aqua Specialists for over 40 years, and service over 164 areas. We specialise in all aspects of water gardening from small water features, garden ponds, wildlife habitats, lakes, wetlands and lagoons.
We offer a full range of services, backed up with all the products and advice - design - construction - filtration - after care and everything in between that you would ever need. With our vast knowledge and experience, you know you are in safe hands from start to finish, along with getting the right advise and information. . . . .
We are just a phone call away..

We were the first ever aquatics centre in Cumbria to be filmed by local TV carrying out an operation on a Koi Carp with a bad bacterial disease, which went on to make a full recovery over 30 years ago.

We walk with confidence...where others only dare to tread.

Having worked for: Wildlife Trusts, Council's, Schools and the Rich and Famous

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" No job to big or small"



Pond Services Cumbria offer a complete design package, for eveyone from small garden ponds to large wetlands and lakes.



Pond Services cumbria have teams dedicated to building you a pond of your dreams, and a water garden to complement any garden.


Filtration, Diagnostics and Up-Grades

Filtration is the most important aspect of any water garden, and plays a major part in keeping healthy fish.
What is the point of having lovely fish, if you can only see them at feeding time.


Wildlife Ponds, Wetlands & Lakes

Pond Services have specialised in all aspects of wildlife ponds, wetlands and lakes for over 40 years and understand what is important to help reproduce and expand pondlife creatures.


Pond Health & Water Check

Do you have green or cloudy water? This is becoming more and more of an issue for pond keepers. Can you only see your fish at feeding time? We can help & check over your pond and equipment to find the problem/s, & FIX THEM.


Repairs & Maintenance

Does your pond need some TLC, is it dirty or leaking, we can clean and renovate your pond back to it's former glory.
...................Blanket Weed & Algae Removal.....................


Water Features

Water can play a big part in any garden. you may not have the room for a pond and so water features are a popular substitute, Running water is very therapeutic & relaxing. Indoor units also available


Pond Weed Removal Service

We have invasive pond weed removal and control maintenance service, for ponds, lakes and waterways (large & small). We have all the equipment and manpower to get the job done. SPECIALISTS IN SHALLOW WATER AQUATIC WEED REMOVAL


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Pond Services are here to help, for anything from a small water feature through to large lakes & lagoons. Contact us today...
Call us on 01228 496151 / 0333 0147778
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Call us today on 01228 496151 / 0333 0147778

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